High Roller: More Arrivals

$25,500 High Roller NLH (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 8:  2,000/4,000 with a 4,000 ante
Entries:  74

Yuval Bronshtein

The High Roller field is up to 74 entries to put the current prize pool at $1,827,800. Registration is open for a little less than two hours and we will lock it down.

Recent arrivals include Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger, James Calderaro, and non-hold’em expert (and four-time Hollywood champ) Yuval Bronshtein playing some straight NLH this afternoon. He’s holding his own, playing well, and looks like an early leader with 345,000.

Andrew Lichtenberger