Norbert Kara wins Event 4 at Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”

$260 +$40 No Limit Hold’em

As it came time to bag and tag, much like last night in Event 1, the players decided they did not want to return to play later. Norbert Kara had a significant chip lead at the time so the players agreed to give him additional money ($7,000) and the trophy and split the remaining money($4,916 each) between the other four.

Kara is Hungarian who now lives in Tampa, Florida. He works part time but says he mainly is a poker player and has been for 6-7 years. “I mainly play no limit,” he told me, adding that this was one of his more significant scores. When asked what he was going to do with his winnings, Norbert cracked a smile and said “I’m going to put it back into the poker economy.” Kara will be here for more events at the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” – maybe it’ll be him taking more from the poker economy than giving.

Congratulations on your win Norbert!

Event 4 Winner, Norbert Kara
Event 4 Winner, Norbert Kara


1stNorbert Kara$7,000.00
2ndZoltan Czintoka$4,916.00
3rdEdwin Vasconcelos$4,916.00
4thRoberto Berrocal$4,916.00
5thOneal Doward$4,916.00
6thGeorges Boyadjian$1,710.00
7thAvraham Kalmis$1,350.00
8thLawrence Cone$1,000.00
9thPaul Stanechewski$692.00
10thBrian Raik$571.00
11thWilliam Wilson$571.00
12thJordan Scott$571.00
13thYgal Benichay$484.00
14thNancy “Catwoman” Thomas$484.00
15thOneil McCall$484.00