Pilgrim Rivered

Blinds: 1,500/3,000
Ante: 500

As told to us by Justin Young…

With a raise to 6,500 and a call before him, Dwyte Pilgrim calls from the big blind to see a 7x 6x 2x flop. Pilgrim check-raises a bet of 4,500 from the preflop caller (the origanal raiser folded) to 20,500. His opponent calls and a 3x falls on the turn. Pilgrim bets 40,000, his opponent raises all in for 133,000, and Pilgrim calls with Kx Kx, ahead of his opponent’s 6x 5x. However, a 4x lands on the river to give Pilgrim’s opponent a winning straight.

Dwyte Pilgrim – 15,000 (5 bb)