2016 Showdown Live Updates

Event 2: Jordan Chizick Wins in Six-Way Chop ($3,966)

2016 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood
Event #2
$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Total Entries: 86
Prizepool: $18,060

Jordan Chizick Wins Event 2 for $3,966
Jordan Chizick Wins Event 2 for $3,966

After 15 minutes of discussing a deal, a deal was made in the $250 Omaha 8 or Better. Jordan Chizick comes out on top of a six-way deal, being awarded with the trophy and $3,966.

“It feels great,” said the 36-year-old poker pro of his win. “I thought this tournament went really well from the beginning from the end with a little bit of a roller coaster in between.”

This is the third consecutive year that the Lyndonville, NY native final tabled this event, each year improving his finish. After a seventh place finish in 2014 and a sixth place finish in 2015, he takes home the trophy in 2016.

“I really felt like I was going to beat the sixth place finish from when there were like 30 players left,” said Chizick. “It just felt like something good was going to happen.”

Chizick is originally from Western New York, but moved down to the South Florida area seven years ago. In 2014, the same month that he made his first final table in Omaha 8 or Better, he made $40,000 playing poker and quit his job. He’s been playing professionally ever since.

Even with Chizick’s recent success in this event, he doesn’t consider himself an expert at this game and doesn’t play Omaha 8 or Better often.

“I play enough to stay fresh with it,” said Chizick. “But I think enough general poker skills carry over. A lot of people play the game methodically and I don’t. The predictability of the players in the game make it easier for me to play the game.”

Chizick takes home the first trophy awarded of the series along with the first place cash.

Here are a look at the results:

1st: Jordan Chizick – $3,966
2nd: Joel Harwood – $3,406
3rd: Perry Werbel – $2,508
4th: Errol Massey – $2,102
5th: Steven Novak – $2,046
6th: Ron Schroeder – $1,865
7th: Lazaro Rodriguez – $903
8th: Tim Patrus – $722
9th: Daniel Genachte – $542

Event 2 Final Results

Event 2: Lazaro Rodriguez Eliminated in 7th Place ($903)

$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Level 17: Blinds – 4,000/8,000, Limits – 8,000/16,000
Players Remaining – 6/86

Lazaro Rodriguez
Lazaro Rodriguez

The exact action was missed, but according to the table, Perry Werbel’s two pair bested Lazaro Rodriguez’s missed straight draw to eliminated Rodriguez in seventh place.

Rodriguez picks up $903 for his run and the final six players are all guaranteed at least $1,084.

Perry Werbel – 135,000
Lazaro Rodriguez – Eliminated

Event 2: Tim Patrus Eliminated in 8th Place ($722)

$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Level 17: Blinds – 4,000/8,000, Limits – 8,000/16,000
Players Remaining: 7/86

Tim Patrus
Tim Patrus

On a flop of QhQd7h, Tim Patrus checks from the big blind and Perry Werbel bets from under-the-gun. Errol Massey calls on the button and Patrus calls off the last of his stack.

There is a small side pot between Patrus and Massey on the Qs turn. Werbel bets and Massey folds.

Patrus shows 7x4x4x3x, but is drawing dead against Werbels’s AdAs8hJh. The river is the 9c and Patrus hits the rail in eighth place. Patrus earns $722 for his final table.

Perry Werbel – 90,000
Tim Patrus – Eliminated

Event 2: Daniel Genachte Eliminated in 9th Place ($542)

$250 Omaha 8 or Better 
Level 17: Blinds – 4,000/8,000, Limits 8,000/16,000
Players Remaining: 8/86

Genachte Daniel
Genachte Daniel

Daniel Genachte gets all in preflop out of the small blind and is up against Lazaro Rodriguez from middle position and Errol Massey on the button.

The flop is KhKd5d and Rodriguez bets the flop. Massey folds and Rodriguez is heads-up with Genachte.

Genachte shows Ah9d4d2h, giving him a flush draw, but needs to improve against Rodriguez’s AcKs2s2d.

The turn is the Ad, which gives Genachte his flush, but also improves Rodriguez to a full house. Genachte is drawing dead to the Qd river and he hits the rail in ninth place. He takes home $542 for his efforts.

Lazaro Rodriguez  – 55,000
Daniel Genachte – Eliminated

Event 2: Joel Harwood Scoops a Big One, Leaves Genachte Daniel Short

$250 Omaha 8 or Better 
Level 17: Blinds 4,000/8,000, Limits – 8,000/16,000
Players Remaining: 9/86

On the turn with the board reading Kd9s4d10s, Errol Massey bets from the small blind and Daniel Genachte calls from the big blind. Joel Harwood raises on the button and both Massey and Genachte call.

The river is the 2c and action checks to Harwood, who bets. Massey folds and Genachte takes a few moments in the tank before folding and leaving himself with less than a big blind.

Harwood scoops the pot and takes the chip lead.

Joel Harwood – 185,000
Errol Massey – 135,000
Daniel Genachte – 4,000

Event 2: Harry Eisenberg Bubbles

$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Level 16: Blinds – 3,000/6,000, Limits 6,000/12,000
Players Remaining: 9/86

Harry Eisenberg
Harry Eisenberg

Ron Schroeder limps in from middle position and Joel Harwood limsp in from the hijack. Errol Massey raises from the cutoff and Harry Eisenberg moves all in for 15,000. Schroeder calls, Harwood folds and Massey raises to 21,000. Schroeder calls.

The flop is Kc6d4h and Schroeder checks. Massey bets and Schroeder calls. The turn is the 3c and Schroeder bets. Massey raises and Schroeder moves all in. Massey calls.

Massey shows AsKs3s2s, giving him the nut low, Schroeder tables AsTd5h2c, giving him the nut low and a straight, while Eisenberg shows Jd9c7h4c.

The river is the 7d and Eisenberg is eliminated on the bubble. Schroeder takes 3/4s of everything chopping the low half with Massey.

Eisenberg is eliminated in 10th and the remaining nine players are all guaranteed $542.

Ron Schroeder – 105,00
Errol Massey – 170,000
Harry Eisenberg – Eliminated

Unofficial Final Table Draw

$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Level 15: Blinds 3,000/5,000
Players Remaining: 10/86

Here is a look at the seating arrangement and chip counts of the final 10 players. The next player out is our bubble boy and the final nine are guaranteed at least $542.


Seat 1: Lazaro Rodriguez – 85,000
Seat 2: Perry Werbel – 48,000
Seat 3: Ron Schroeder – 38,000
Seat 4: Steve Novak – 60,000
Seat 5: Joel Harwood – 142,000
Seat 6: Errol Massey – 175,000
Seat 7: Genachte Daniel – 58,000
Seat 8: Jordan Chizick – 1 50,000
Seat 9: Harry Eisenberg – 40,000
Seat 10: Ti Patrus – 32,000

Event 2: Errol Massey Sends One Home

$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Level 15: Blinds – 3,000/5,000, Limits – 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining: 10/86

Errol Massey raises on the button and the small blind calls and is all in for 5,000 the big blind calls as well and there is a side pot between Massey and the big blind.

The flop is QsJd4s and the big blind cheks. Massey bets and the big blind calls. The turn is the 3d Th and the big blind checks again. Massey bets and the big blind calls.

The river is the 4h and both players check. Massey shows AdKhKc3d, good for Broadway and the big blind mucks. The small blind shows 10c6d5c3s and is eliminated by Massey.

There is a slight pause in the action as they re-draw for seats at the unofficial final table. The next player eliminated is our bubble boy and the final nine players are guaranteed at least $542.

Errol Massey – 178,000

Event 2: Jordan Chizick vs. Errol Massey

$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Level 15: Blinds – 3,000/5,000, Limits – 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining 11/86

Jordan Chizick
Jordan Chizick

Errol Massey bets the turn from middle position with the board reading KdJd7s6s and Jordan Chizick calls from the cutoff. The river is the Qh and Massey bets 10,000. Chizick moves all in for 18,000 and Massey goes into the tank.

After a couple minutes in the tank, Massey folds AdKx7x2d face-up and the pot is pushed to Chizick.

“Hurry up and muck that,” said Chizick.

A brief discussion broke out about Chizick claiming Massey had the best hand and Chizick chips up as the unofficial final table of 10 nears.

Jordan Chizick – 80,000
Errol Massey – 140,000

Event 2: Lazaro Rodriguez Finds a Heart

$250 Omaha 8 or Better
Level 14: Blinds – 2,000/4,000, Limits – 4,000/8,000
Players Remaining: 12/86

Lazaro Rodriguez
Lazaro Rodriguez

On a flop of QhJd6h, the small blind checks and Lazaro Rodriguez checks from the big blind. The cutoff bets 4,000 and only Rodriguez calls.

The turn is the 10c and Rodriguez checks again. The cutoff bets 8,000 and Rodriguez calls. The river is the Ah and both players check.

Roriguez shows KdQsJh7h and his opponent sighs and then tosses his hand into the muck. At the end of the hand, the players go on a 10-minute break.

Lazaro Rodriguez – 95,000