SHRPO Points Race Heats Up in August

Player of the Year Tournament Leaderboard Promotion

The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open is underway and while the buzz is about the $10 Million Guaranteed Championship Event, the Player of the Year (POY) race will also get lots of attention.

This is the final series for players to earn points leading towards the $30,000 prize package* as the 2014 SHRP POY Winner. The 70 events over 21 days offers players plenty of chances to claim the top spot.

“My game plan is to play as much as I can,” says Ngoc “Angel” Vu (Daytona Beach, FL), the current points leader after the first three tournament series.

Vu, who is relatively new to the game, knows the competition will be tough over the next three weeks.

The Contenders

Current Standings

1 Angel Vu 1120
2 Tim Kegel 1073
3 Marsha Wolak 1051
4 Greg Marcus 976
5 Mukul Pahuja 956

Not only will the competition be tough, but the race will be tight.

The top three spots are within 69 points of each other, while reigning WPT Player of the Year Mukul Pahjua (Coconut Creek, FL) is fifth in the standings and easily within striking distance.

“This is exciting,” says WSOP bracelet holder Marsha Wolak (Fort Lauderdale, FL), who is currently third overall. “If I can win the whole thing that would be amazing.”

“The top ten (prizes) is worth playing for,” says Greg Marcus (Miami Beach, FL), who starts the series in fourth place. “The top five is really nice and winning would cover my whole year.”

The top five also includes Tim Kegel (Hollywood, FL), who is in second place, less than 50 points behind Vu. And any player with a strong August showing has a shot at winning a prize as a top ten finisher.

“I’m going to work as hard as I can, if it happens it happens,” says Vu about earning the top prize. “If there’s something I cannot control, then I cannot control. But if it’s in my ability to make it happen I will do whatever it takes.”

*Prize Package Includes: $30,000 worth of entries and casino-based incentives for Seminole Hard Rock Poker’s most prestigious poker events throughout the following year including:

  • $3,500 entry into Seminole Hard Rock N Roll Poker Open Championship (Nov 2014)
  • $3,500 entry into Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship (Feb 2015)
  • $3,500 entry into Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship (Apr 2015)
  • $5,300 entry into Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Championship (Aug 2015)
  • $10,000 cash for entry into Main Event
  • Wild Card Elite status for following year along with additional benefits (including preferred access to hotel accommodations, dining and entertainment)

Full List of POY Prizes