Super High Roller: Brock Wilson Eliminated by Jason Mercier

$50,000 Super High Roller
Level 8:  2,000/4,000 with a 4,000 ante
Entries:  40

Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson

Brock Wilson got it all in from the cutoff with KhJs, but he was dominated by the KcQs of Jason Mercier in the hijack. Wilson needed to improve to stay alive.

The board came Ks6c4dQdAh, and Mercier won the pot with two pair, kings and queens, to eliminate Wilson from the tournament.

Jason Mercier  –  250,000  (63 bb)
Brock Wilson  –  Eliminated

That was the second bullet for Wilson, so he can no longer re-enter.

There will be a 90-minute dinner break at the end of Level 9 (around 8:50 pm), and registration remains open with a single re-entry option until the end of the dinner break (about 10:20 pm).