Super High Roller: Chris Brewer Shoves the River Against Ilyas Muradi

$50,000 Super High Roller
Structure | Payouts
Level 13:  5,000/10,000 with a 10,000 ante
Players Remaining:  12 of 42

Chris Brewer
Chris Brewer

Ilyas Muradi raised under the gun to 25,000, and Chris Brewer called from the hijack.

Both players checked to the turn on a board of Qc8s7s10c, Muradi checked, Brewer bet 40,000, and Muradi called.

The river card was the 5c, Muradi bet 65,000, and Brewer thought for a while before he moved all in for more than 600,000. Muradi folded, and Brewer took the pot.

Chris Brewer  –  820,000  (82 bb)
Ilyas Muradi  –  380,000  (38 bb)

With 12 players remaining from a field of 42, the average chip stack is about 440,000 (44 big blinds). Action is scheduled to continue tonight until the end of Level 15, around 2:30 am.