Bradley Young Takes Down $360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo In Four-Way Deal

2016 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood
Event #9
$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Total Entries: 124
Total Prize Pool: $37,200

Bradley Young Captures $360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Title
Bradley Young Captures $360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Title

In the early hours of Thursday morning, Bradley Young took down the $360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo event in a four-way deal. Young bested a field of 124 entrants to take home $7,194.

Young has been on fire in the early goings of this series and has been a part of two chops in as many days. On Tuesday evening, he was a part of the three-handed chop of the $570 No Limit Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha double black chip bounty event. He took home second place money for $6,821.

On Wednesday, however, he comes out on top of the deal and leaves with the trophy and slightly more cash.

“It’s awesome,” said Young. “I exceeded expectations for sure.”

At the outset of the final table, Young was one of the bigger stacks. He was constantly applying pressure to his opponents and seemed to generally be trending upward all night long.

When play got down to the final four players, one player brought up a chop possibility. After agreeing on the numbers, Young had a massive chip lead on the other three players and took credit for the win.

Young admittedly hasn’t had much experience playing the game and credits to some of his success in today’s event from running deep in yesterday’s mix event.

“I got a little more comfortable with the pot limit format I think,” said Young. “Yesterday helped a lot because I don’t get to play pot limit a lot. Really not at all except in these tournaments.”

While he lacks experience in this specific variant. He’s got plenty of experience Omaha hi-lo.

“I’ve played mix before, but mostly eight-or-better. That’s primarily what I play. Sometimes a little seven-card stud, but I haven’t gotten to play that in a while.

The 55-year-old recruiter was raised in Boise, ID, but has lived in New York City for the last 36 years. He cut his teeth in New York’s underground scene before many of the clubs got shut down.

It wasn’t until his local clubs got shut down that he started dabbling in tournaments.

“I used to play a lot in New York,” said Young. “I used to play a lot of cash back in the day, back in the Mayfair days. I pretty much just stopped playing cash because I didn’t have the best results and then they shut down all the clubs and stuff.”

Now, when Young is in New York, he focuses mostly on his day job and doesn’t play much poker. When he feels like playing poker, he gets on a plane and heads to South Florida and the Seminole Hard Rock.

“I really only play tournaments down here,” said Young. “Once in a great while, I’ll play at Borgata, but I pretty much just play down here. It’s always great to come here.”

Here is a look at the results:

1st: Bradley Young – $7,194
2nd: George Korsavin – $6,192
3rd: Benjamin Warren – $6,192
4th: Marc Levy – $5,192
5th: David McClure – $2,492
6th: John Holley – $1,994
7th: Kenneth Corl – $1,659
8th: Michael Newman – $1,328
9th: Brandon Ageloff – $997
10th: Ross Ruby – $725
11th: Ted Selby – $725
12th: Daniel Li – $725
13th: Bradley Ruben – $595
14th: Arturo Garcia – $595
15th: Robert Wachtel – $595

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Event 9: Bradley Young Wins in Four-Way Deal ($7,192)

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 21: 6,000/12,000
Players Remaining: 4 of 124

Bradley Young
Bradley Young

After a discussion about a deal, the final four players have reached an agreement and Bradley Young will take home $7,192, the title, and the trophy.

George Korsavin finished second for $6,129, Benjamin Warren gets third for $6,192, and Marc Levy takes fourth place and $5,192 are also involved in the chop. A complete recap will be posted later tonight.

George Korsavin
George Korsavin
Benjamin Warren
Benjamin Warren
Marc Levy
Marc Levy

Event 9: Andy McClure Eliminated in 5th Place ($2,492)

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 20: 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining: 4 of 124

Andy McClure
Andy McClure

Action folded to the blinds and George Korsavin raised out of the small blind. Andy McClure called and was all in for about 30,000 out of the big blind.

McClure showed Th5h3s2d and was up against Korsavin’s AhKhQh8s.

The board ran out AdKc6cJs6h and Korsavin scooped the pot with two pair.

George Korsavin – 305,000
Andy McClure – Eliminated 

Benjamin Warren Doubles Through Bradley Young

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 19: 4,000/8,000
Players Remaining: 5 of 124

On the turn with the board reading JsJcTcQs, Bradley Young checked from the big blind and Benjamin Warren bet 30,000 from middle position.

Young check-raised to about the size of the pot and Warren called, all in for 112,000.

Young showed KxKxTx2x and needed help against Warren’s AhJd4s3s.

The river was the 2d and Warren scooped the pot to double up.

Benjamin Warren – 250,000
Bradley Young – 340,000

Event 9: K.O. Corl Eliminated in 7th ($1,659), John Holley Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,994)

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 19: 4,000/8,000
Players Remaining: 5 of 124

John Holley
John Holley

John Holley pots it to 28,000 from the cutoff, leaving himself with 1,000 behind, and K.O. Corl called from the small blind and was all in for 25,000. George Korsavin raises from the big blind and Holley tosses his last chip into the middle.

Holley showed 7c5d4d2c, Corl showed AsQh8c3h, and Korsavin showed Qc7h6c3c.

The board ran out AcAhJc5c4h and Korsavin scooped the pot with a six-low and a queen high flush.

Holley had more chips than Corl and gets the better finishing spot. Holley netted $1,994, while Corl went home with $1,659.

K.O. Corl
K.O. Corl

George Korsavin – 250,000
John Holley – Eliminated
K.O. Corl – Eliminated 

Event 9: Michael Newman Eliminated in 8th Place ($1,328)

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 18: 3,000/6,000
Players Remaining: 7 of 124

Michael Newman
Michael Newman

Michael Newman raises to 21,000 under the gun and Bradley Young re-pots it 72,000 from the hijack. Action folded back to Newman, who called and was all in for about 55,000.

Newman showed AsJhJd3d and was up against Young’s AdKcQs6c.

The board ran out Kh7c5s7hTd and Newman scooped the pot with kings and sevens. Newman took home $1,328 for his finish.

Bradley Young – 450,000
Michael Newman – Eliminated 

Event 9: Benjamin Warren Doubles Through Bradley Young

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 18: 3,000/6,000
Players Remaining: 8 of 124

On a flop of Ah9d2d, Benjamin Warren got all in for 79,000 out of the big blind against Bradley Young in the cutoff.

Warren showed AdKd9c8h, good for the nut flush draw and top two pair, but needed to improve against Young’s Ks4h2s2c.

The turn was the As, giving Warren the nuts and the river was the 6h. Neither player had a qualifying low hand and Warren scooped the pot with aces full.

Benjamin Warren – 170,000
Bradley Young – 250,000

Event 9: Brandon Ageloff Eliminated in 9th Place ($997)

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 18: 3,000/6,000
Players Remaining: 8 of 124

Brandon Ageloff
Brandon Ageloff

On the river with a completed board of Jd9x6d2sAh, Brandon Ageloff is in the small blind and got all in against Bradley Young on the button.

Young showed AsJcKd4c, good for top two pair, and took the pot against Ageloff’s Ac9d4x6x, good for a worse two pair.

Ageloff was eliminated in ninth place for $997 and Young took the pot and the chip lead with eight players remaining.

Bradley Young – 330,000
Brandon Ageloff – Eliminated 

Event 9: Ross Ruby Eliminated in 10th Place ($725)

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 17: 2,500/5,000
Players Remaining: 9 of 124

Ross Ruby
Ross Ruby

K.O. Corl got all in preflop for 14,500 from the cutoff and was called by Andy McClure in the small blind, Bradley Young in the big blind and Ross Ruby under the gun.

There is a side pot if there is any further action and the flop is AsKc5c. McClure checked, Young checked, and Ruby potted it for 54,000. McClure folded and Young re-potted it. Ruby called and was all in for about 70,000. All three hands are tabled.

Ruby showed AdKhTd2d, giving him top two pair, Young showed 7d4c3s2c, giving him the nut low draw and flush draw, while Corl showed AcJd8c3c, good for the nut flush draw, top pair, and an eight-low draw.

The turn was the 7c, giving Young the nut low and a flush, while Corl made a better flush. The river was the 2s and Young took the whole side pot with a flush and a wheel.

Corl and Young chop up the main pot with the nut flush for Corl and a wheel for Young. Ruby is eliminated in 10th place and he took home $725.

Bradley Young – 180,000
K.O. Corl – 30,000
Ross Ruby – Eliminated 

Event 9: Unofficial Final Table

$360 Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo
Level 17: 2,500/5,000
Players Remaining: 10 of 124

Unofficial Final Table of Event 9
Unofficial Final Table of Event 9

There are 10 players remaining from the original 124 entries and they have redrawn for seats at the unofficial final table of 10. After the next elimination, the final nine players will get credit for making an official final table.

Here is a look at the seating arrangement and chip counts of the final 10 players:

Seat 1: Andy McClure – 157,500
Seat 2: Bradley Young – 95,500
Seat 3: Brandon Ageloff – 109,500
Seat 4: Ross Ruby – 90,000
Seat 5: Marc Levy – 217,000
Seat 6: John Holley – 99,500
Seat 7: Benjamin Warren – 88,000
Seat 8: K.O. Corl – 13,500
Seat 9: Michael Newman – 175,500
Seat 10: George Korsavin – 190,000

Here is a look at the remaining payouts:

1st: $9,972
2nd: $6,982
3rd: $4,490
4th: $3,326
5th: $2,492
6th: $1,994
7th: $1,659
8th: $1,328
9th: $997
10th: $725