Event 9: Sebastian Kos Wins After Four-Way Deal

2018 Lucky Hearts Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 
Hollywood, Florida
Event 9
$570 Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Entries: 80
Prize Pool: $40,000
January 15, 2018

                                                                                 Sebastian Kos

Event 9 of the 2018 Lucky Hearts Poker Open was a $570 Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry) tournament. A total of 80 entries created a prize pool of $40,000 with the top 10 places being paid.

When the money bubble burst and the final 10 players converged at one table, 2016 Seminole Hard Rock Player of the Year David Prociak was the chip leader. He eliminated four of the first five players to fall at the final table and seemed primed to win his fifth Pot-Limit Omaha title at the Seminole Hard Rock. However, his run came to an abrupt end as he went from chip leader with five players remaining to out in fifth place, opening the door for Sebastian Kos to emerge as the official victor after a four-handed deal was reached.

Kos was third in chips to begin the final table and held steady while Prociak thinned the field. When Prociak’s luck began to change, Kos scored the final blow by eliminating him in fifth place.

With the remaining players all within four big blinds of each other, they agreed to look at the numbers and eventually agreed to a deal.

For Kos, it marks his fourth cash in a major series event at the Seminole Hard Rock and his first trophy. It also bumps him toward the $120,000 mark in career tournament winnings.

Final Results
1st: Sebastian Kos – $7,557*
2nd: Marcus Stein – $7,429*
3rd: Leandro Peirano – $7,284*
4th: Edward Han – $7,230*
5th: David Prociak – $2,500
6th: Fito Rascosvky – $2,000
7th: Peter Eichhardt – $1,800
8th: Zack Milchman – $1,600
9th: Artem Maksimov – $1,400
10th: Joseph Irgon – $1,200

*denotes four-way deal

Event 9: We Have a Deal!

$570 Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 18: 3,000/6,000
Players Remaining: 4 of 80

Sebastian Kos – 1st Place

The remaining four players agreed to a deal. Here were their chip counts at the time, followed by their subsequent payouts.

Sebastian Kos – 254,000
Marcus Stein – 244,000
Leandro Peirano – 233,000
Edward Han – 229,000

As chip leader, Sebastian Kos is officially the winner of Event 9 of the 2018 Lucky Hearts Poker Open.

Sebastian Kos – $7,557
Marcus Stein – $7,429
Leandro Peirano – $7,284
Edward Han -$7,230

A tournament recap will be posted later tonight.

Marcus Stein – 2nd Place
Leandro Peirano – 3rd Place
Edward Han – 4th Place

Event 9: David Prociak – 5th Place ($2,500)

$570 Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 18: 3,000/6,000
Players Remaining: 4 of 80

                                                                            David Prociak – 5th Place

David Prociak raised to 14,000 from the button, Sebastian Kos three-bet to 62,000 from the small blind, and Prociak called.

The flop came down 8d5d2c,  Kos bet the pot, and Prociak called all in for about 35,000.

Prociak: Qs8s5h4h
Kos: KdKs10c9c

Prociak had outflopped Kos to take the lead with top two pair, The turn was the 7s, though, giving Kos an open-ended straight draw. The Kc river completed the board, giving Kos a set of kings to eliminate Prociak in fifth place for $2,500.

Sebastian Kos – 255,000 (43 bb)
David Prociak – Eliminated

Event 9: Edward Han and Marcus Stein Score Doubles Through David Prociak

$570 Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 18: 3,000/6,000
Players Remaining: 5 of 80

In the span of about 15 minutes, David Prociak went from chip leader to short stack. Marcus Stein was the main beneficiary, scoring two double ups against Prociak, while Edward Han scored one in the middle.

On the first hand, with the board reading 8c6c3d, Stein was all in for about 45,000 with AhAd8d6h for top two pair. Prociak had a ton of outs with Qc9s8s7s for top pair with an open-ended straight draw, but found no help from the 3s turn and 2d river.

A few hands later with the flop reading 5c3s2h, Han was in the tank after Prociak check-raised a covering amount. Han apologized to the table a few times and tanked for about two minutes before he called all in for 109,000 with AhQh6c5d. Prociak was well behind with KhQs6d5s as Han had most of Prociak’s outs. The 7d and 10h river completed the board, and Han won the pot with a pair of fives with the ace kicker.

Not long after, following the river of a Js4s2h9hKs board, Stein was all in for 56,000. Prociak called and Stein showed As10sXxXx, for an ace-high flush. Prociak showed 9s5sXxXx for an inferior flush and mucked, locking up another double for Stein.

Marcus Stein – 245,000 (41 bb)
Edward Han – 230,000 (38 bb)
David Prociak – 80,000 (13 bb)

Event 9: Fito Rascovsky – 6th Place ($2,000)

$570 Pot Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 17: 2,500/5,000
Players Remaining: 5 of 80

                                                                                 Fito Rascovsky – 6th Place

Fito Rascovsky was all in from under the gun for a total of 32,500 against David Prociak in the small blind.

Rascovsky: AsKsKc8d
Prociak: Ac9s8s4h

The board came down 10c7s5h6hAd, giving Prociak a ten-high straight to eliminate Rascovsky in sixth place.

“I didn’t even see him in the hand,” said Prociak. “I thought it was blind vs. blind.”

“He’s just so in the zone,” said tablemate Marcus Stein of Prociak. “Doesn’t even know he’s knocking everyone out.”

David Prociak – 440,000 (88 bb)
Fito Rascovsky – Eliminated