Event 6: Gavin Smith Doubles Thru Gabriel Ramos to Take a Huge Lead

$400 Big O (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 18:  3,000/6,000
Players Remaining:  5 of 78

Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith

Gavin Smith (big blind) and Gabriel Ramos (cutoff) put in 35,000 each to get to the turn on a board of 10s3s2c8c.

Smith bet 75,000, Ramos moved all in, and Smith called all in for 215,000.

Gabriel Ramos:  AhQh6h3h3c  (set of threes, 8-6 low)
Gavin Smith:  AcKsJh8h4s  (spade flush draw, gutshot straight draw, 8-4 low)

As things stood on the turn, it would be a split pot, but the river brought the 5d to give Smith a wheel (five-high straight). Smith scooped the entire pot to double up into a big chip lead, knocking Ramos down to 20 big blinds.

Gavin Smith  –  500,000  (83 bb)
Gabriel Ramos  –  120,000  (20 bb)

Event 6: Marc Rabuse – 6th Place ($1,385)

$400 Big O (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 17:  2,500/5,000
Players Remaining:  5 of 78

Marc Rabuse
Marc Rabuse

Three players put in 20K each to see a flop of Ks9c4d. Gabriel Ramos bet 40,000 from the small blind, Nisim Cohen folded from under the gun, and Marc Rabuse moved all in button for 75,000. Ramos called, and they turned over their cards.

Gabriel Ramos:  AhQc7h4s4c  (set of fours)
Marc Rabuse:  AdQdJh9s2h  (pair of nines, gutshot straight draw)

The turn card was the 8c, and the river card paired the board with the 9d. Ramos won the high with a full house, fours full of nines, and there were no possible lows. Rabuse was eliminated in sixth place.

Gabriel Ramos  –  450,000  (90 bb)
Marc Rabuse  –  Eliminated in 6th Place  ($1,385)

Event 6: Natan Wager – 7th Place ($1,100)

$400 Big O (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 16:  2,000/4,000
Players Remaining:  6 of 78

Natan Wager
Natan Wager

With the blinds at 1,500-3,000, Gavin Smith raised UTG+1 to 10,000, Gabriel Ramos called from the button, Natan Wager called from the small blind, and Scott Franck called from the big blind.

The flop came Qh9d2h, and it checked to Ramos, who bet 31,500. Wager folded, Franck called, and Smith folded.

The turn card was the 7s, Ramos moved all in for 76,500, and Franck called.

Scott Franck:  Ah10h8c5c4d  (heart flush draw, gutshot straight draw)
Gabriel Ramos:  AdQs8d5s3h  (pair of queens)

The river card paired the board with the 7c, and Ramos won the pot with two pair, queens and sevens, to double up in chips and put him near the chip lead.

Gabriel Ramos  –  256,000  (85 bb)
Scott Franck  –  175,000  (58 bb)

Level 15 came to an end, and Level 16 began with increased blinds of 2,000-4,000.

About 10 minutes into the level, Natan Wager got it all in preflop in a four-way pot with about 92,000 in the pot.

The flop came Jh7c6s, Nisim Cohen checked the big blind, David Jacobs checked UTG+1, and Gabriel Ramos pot-bet it from the cutoff to about 92,000. Cohen folded, and Jacobs and Ramos got it all in. All three remaining players showed their cards.

Gabriel Ramos:  AdKs8s8d4h  (pair of eights, 8-7 low draw)
David Jacobs:  Ah9c6d4d2c  (pair of sixes, 7-6 low draw)
Natan Wager:  Ac10d6c3h3d  (pair of sixes, 7-6 low draw)

The turn card paired the board with the Jd, and the river card was the 5d.

Ramos won the high with two pair, jacks and eights, while Jacobs won the low with a 7-6-5-2-A to Wager’s 7-6-5-3-A. Wager was eliminated in seventh place.

Gabriel Ramos  –  325,000  (81 bb)
David Jacobs  –  165,000  (41 bb)
Natan Wager  –  Eliminated in 7th Place  ($1,100)

Event 6: Final Table Begins with Scott Franck in the Lead

$400 Big O (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 15:  1,500/3,000
Players Remaining:  7 of 78

After the elimination of Edmond Tonnellier in eighth place, the final seven players redraw for random seats at the final table.

Here is the updated seat draw with their approximate chip counts:

Seat 1.  Nisim Cohen  –  75,500  (25 bb)
Seat 2.  Gavin Smith  –  96,500  (32 bb)
Seat 3.  David Jacobs  –  175,500  (59 bb)
Seat 4.  Marc Rabuse  –  230,000  (77 bb)
Seat 5.  Gabriel Ramos  –  105,000  (35 bb)
Seat 6.  Natan Wager  –  22,000  (7 bb)
Seat 7.  Scott Franck  –  265,500  (89 bb)

There was about a minute and a half remaining in Level 14, and they played one or two hands before taking a 10-minute break, and the big blinds listed above were calculated at the increased blinds for Level 15.

Here is the remaining prizepool at stake, followed by the players who have finished in the money so far:

1st:  $8,125 + RRPO Trophy
2nd:  $5,420
3rd:  $3,610
4th:  $2,510
5th:  $1,820
6th:  $1,385
7th:  $1,100

8th:  Edmond Tonnellier  –  $920
9th:  Barry Levy  –  $815
10th:  Charles Simon  –  $815

Event 6: Prize Pool and Payouts with $8,125 to the Big O Winner

$400 Big O (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 10:  500/1,000
Players Remaining:  32 of 78

We closed registration on the Big O tournament and it was another nice turnout for a non-Hold’em game. Event 6 drew 78 entries to create a prize pool worth $26,520.

The last 10 spots will be paid out with a min-cash taking home $815 and the Big O champ banking $8,125 plus the RRPO trophy and custom-framed winner’s photo courtesy of Image Masters.

2019 Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open 
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 
Hollywood, Florida
Event 6

$400 Big O (Re-Entry)
Entries: 78
Prize Pool: $26,520
November 23, 2019 

1st: $8,125 + RRPO Trophy
2nd: $5,420
3rd: $3,610
4th: $2,510
5th: $1,820
6th: $1,385
7th: $1,100
8th: $920
9th: $815
10th: $815