Event 21: Ramon Miguel Wins Outright

2019 Lucky Hearts Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 21
$2,500 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$300,000 Guaranteed

Entries:  144
Prize Pool:  $327,600
January 20-21, 2019

Ramon Miguel

Aften over ten hours of play Event 21 $2,500 No Limit Hold’em has reached a winner. Ramon Miguel from Spain cruised his way through the final table defeating Yossi Galimidi heads up for the trophy. Event 21 boasted a field of 144 entries easily surpassing the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool.

The twenty six year old has been playing poker recreationally for five years and turned professional two years ago. “It feels very good, this is my first first place finish”

Miguel had great things to say about the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino “My girlfriend lives down here so I play at this casino a lot. The tournaments are always very good value, big fields, I like it a lot.” “The property is great and this poker room is incredible”

Day 2 started with twenty-three players returning and Denis Cyr led the pack. Ralph Massey was eliminated on the very first hand of the day when his ace five couldn’t catch up against Cyr’s pocket sevens. Shortly after was Ted Mcnamara at the hands up the eventual champion Ramon Miguel.

Carlos Rodriguez Rojas was the bubble boy when his pocket jacks got cracked by Ramon Miguel’s flopped straight. The remaining eighteen players were all guaranteed a payday of at least $5,979.

Brian Hastings was the first player to finish in the money when he was eliminated by Steve Karp. Next to go was former SHRPO Champion Victor Figueroa in seventeenth place. Florida poker pro Toby Boas became the sixteenth place finisher when he lost a coin flip to runner up Yossi Galimidi.

Action slowed down considerably until Matt Bretzfield busted in eleventh place to create the talented final table. Here’s how they stacked up:

Seat 1: Yossi Galimidi – 240,000
Seat 2: Ory Hen – 97,000
Seat 3: Huicun Qiao – 236,000
Seat 4: Denis Cyr – 187,000
Seat 5: Steve Karp – 225,000
Seat 6: Aaron Massey – 164,000
Seat 7: Ramon Miguel – 570,000
Seat 8:Brad Albrinck – 452,000
Seat 9: Paul Domb – 480,000
Seat 10: Jessica Dawley – 177,000

Ramon Miguel  said “The day went smooth sailing, it started very well and ended very well”. He scored most of the knockouts at the final table including Jessica Dawley in tenth, Steve Karp in seventh, Huicun Qiao in sixth, and Aaron Massey in fifth.

It was four in a row when the hand that was the most pivotal to Miguel happened. “The turning point was when I had kings versus queens and I flopped quads against his full house” to eliminate Ory Hen in fourth place and take a massive lead three handed.

After a few double ups Miguel got the best of Paul Domb when he made kings full of aces over Dombs trip aces to eliminate him in third place.

“Heads up was alright, he played well but I had a lot of chips and thats a big advantage” After about forty minutes of heads up play Galimidi ran his KdQd into Miguel’s AcKh. The ace high held and Miguel won his first ever tournament. Miguel took home $91,562, the LHPO trophy as well as his framed winners photo courtesy of Image Masters.

Final Results:

1st:  Ramon Miguel  –  $91,562 + LHPO Trophy
2nd:  Yossi Galimidi  –  $57,658
3rd:  Paul Domb  –  $34,234
4th:  Ory Hen  –  $20,639
5th:  Aaron Massey  –  $16,052
6th:  Huicun Qiao  –  $13,432
7th:  Steve Karp  –  $11,630
8th:  Bradford Albrinck  –  $10,336
9th:  Denis Cyr  –  $9,156
10th:  Jessica Dawley  –  $8,026
11th:  Matthew Bretzfield  –  $8,026
12th:  Tzai Phua  –  $8,026
13th:  Michael Stashin  –  $6,962
14th:  Jose Parra  –  $6,962
15th:  Toby Boas  –  $6,962
16th:  Ronit Chamani  –  $5,979
17th:  Victor Figueroa  –  $5,979
18th:  Brian Hastings  –  $5,979