$10M GTD, Hands #34-39: Final Eight Players

Hand #34  –  Derrick Cutler moves all in from middle position for 2,345,000, and Blair Hinkle asks for a count from the button before he folds. Cutler takes the blinds and the antes.

Hand #35  –  Blair Hinkle raises from the cutoff to 250,000, and Mukul Pahuja calls from the big blind. Both players check to the turn on a board of on a board of 8c 6s 2d 7c, Pahuja checks, Hinkle bets 200,000, and Pahuja calls. The river is the 10d, and both players check. Pahuja shows As Qs to win the pot with ace high, and Hinkle mucks.

Hand #36  –  Everyone folds to Samuel Bernabeu Guilabert, giving him a walk in the big blind.

Hand #37  –  Justin Bonomo min-raises UTG+1 to 240,000, winning the blinds and antes.

Hand #38  –  Blair Hinkle raises UTG+1 to 250,000, Derrick Cutler moves all in from the small blind for about 2.5 million, and Hinkle folds. Cutler takes the pot.

Hand #39  –  Panagiotis Nifakos completes the small blind to 120,000, and Justin Bonomo checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes 8h 6c 5d, Nifakos checks, Bonomo bets an unknown amount, and Nifakos folds. Bonomo takes the pot.