Event 1: Big Stacks Collide, Sackler Eliminated

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 14: 1200/2400/400 Ante

A stunning turn of events has left one of the top five players after the break heading for the door and a massive stack looking to contend going into Day 2.

Earlier, Sheldon Gross took a huge hand off of Jason Sackler leaving Sackler very short stacked setting up the next two hands.

Mark Alcivar pushed around 40k into the middle after a QsJc2c flop and was quickly followed by an all-in bet from Tate Palacio for 132k. Sheldon Gross was next to act and opted to lay his hand down. Alcivar showed Qc6c and Palacio turned over JdJh for the set. But a river club turned the hand upside down and Alcivar doubled up.

The very next hand saw Sackler push his remaining chips in and Palacio made a very loose call. Sackler had J-10 vs. Palacio’s K-5. Palacio hit the king right off the flop. Sackler did not catch up and had his evening ended in quick and shocking fashion.

Gross is still sitting on what appears to be the biggest stack in the room and Palacio has regained his footing as one of Flight 1D’s chip leaders.