Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger Wins the Super High Roller After a Four-Hour Heads-Up Battle

2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 31
$50,000 Super High Roller (Single Re-Entry)
Entries:  39
Prize Pool:  $1,891,500
April 6-7, 2022

Andrew Lichtenberger
Super High Roller Champion Andrew Lichtenberger

After four hours of heads-up play in the $50,000 Super High Roller, Andrew “LuckyChewy” Lichtenberger cracked pocket jacks with seven-six offsuit to defeat Alex Foxen for the title, the trophy, and $638,223.

This was the third largest Super High Roller in Seminole Hard Rock history, with 39 entries generating a prizepool worth more than $1.8 million. Six players finished in the money, but the four-hour heads-up match was the most memorable part of this event.

“I won every all in,” said Lichtenberger about heads-up play. “I lost the vast majority of the big pots we played that were not all in. Most of them went to the turn or river, and I just kept having bottom of range. It was kind of absurd. But here we are. I won the pots that mattered.”

There were six all-in-and-call situations during heads-up play, and yes, Lichtenberger won all six of them.

In the first one, both players had paired their aces and they got it all in on the river. But Lichtenberger’s AdQc outkicked Foxen’s As2c.

The next three all-ins were preflop race situations, with Lichtenberger holding two overcards to Foxen’s low pocket pairs. Lichtenberger won all three.

For the fifth all-in situation, it was Foxen with the overcards to Lichtenberger’s pocket sevens, but that time the pocket pair held up. Advantage: Lichtenberger.

The final hand, as mentioned earlier, had Foxen all in with JhJc against Lichtenberger’s 7c6h, and Lichtenberger caught a runner-runner straight to end the tournament.

Alex Foxen
Runner-Up Alex Foxen

Other than repeatedly losing heads-up all-in situations, it was another strong performance from Alex Foxen, who just married another top poker player, Kristen Bicknell, earlier this week.

The newlyweds showed up at the Seminole Hard Rock on Wednesday and found immediate success, with Bicknell final tabling Event 30, the $1,100 Deep Stack (she finished eighth in a field of 475), and Foxen finishing as runner-up here in the $50,000 Super High Roller.

As for Lichtenberger, while he had his share of luck at key moments in the heads-up match, it required a great deal of skill to navigate this world-class field to make his way to the final table and get heads-up in the first place.

“I won a lot of pots once we got in the money,” said Lichtenberger. “There were quite a few short stacks, and I was able to leverage the pressure against the mid-stacks. We kind of equaled out a bit four-handed, and again three-handed. And then I kind of pulled away and had a big lead to start heads-up.”

This victory not only gives him his first Seminole Hard Rock trophy, but it also pushes Lichtenberger to more than $12.4 million in career earnings. As you’d expect, he plans to enter the $3,500 Championship, which begins with Day 1A tomorrow (Friday) at 11:00 am.

“It’s great down here,” said Lichtenberger when asked about Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood. “I briefly considered moving here, because I had such a good time at the last stop here. Awesome vibes down here, the weather’s great, and the tournament staff does an incredible job. Just a great place to play poker.”

Final Results:

1Andrew Lichtenberger$638,223
2Alex Foxen$515,587
3Kirk Steele$283,725
4Andjelko Andrejevic$198,610
5Jason Mercier$141,865
6Steven Veneziano$113,490