Big Slick: AJ Gambino Takes Chip Lead Following Massive Double Up

$1,100 Big Slick
$100,000 Guaranteed, $5,250 Seat Added

Level 22: 10,000/20,000/3,000
Players Remaining: 2/148

The flop was ts9d4d and AJ Gambino checked. TK Miles bet 50,000 from the button before Gambino raised to 150,000. It was back on Miles and he three-bet to 375,000. Gambino flatted.

The turn came the 6s. Gambino checked. Miles shoved and Gambino snapped.

Gambino: 8s7c for a straight
Miles: th9h for top two

River: ks

Gambino’s straight held. Tournament Director Tony Burns counted down the all-in bet to 862,000 and Miles shipped a massive pot the way of his heads-up adversary.

AJ Gambino – 2,595,000 (129 bb)
TK Miles – 365,000 (18 bb)