Championship: 14th Place – Uri Kadosh

$5,300 Championship NLH $10 Million Guaranteed (Re-Entry)
Level 28: Blinds 25k/50k/5k ante

Uri Kadosh was the shortest stack returning today and picked a good spot to double up. He open-shoved for 525,000 and Mike Leah called on the button. Dan Colman folded 9h7h face up, which made an impact when Leah showed 9s9d against the QhQc.

The dealer immediately put the case Nine in the window on the 9c8s3s flop. Kadosh jumped out of his seat and he couldn’t hit his own miracle on the 6d turn or Js river. It was a tough one-outer to send him to the rail in 14th place for $77,326.