Championship 4th Place – Jacob Bazeley ($371,931)

$3,500 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship Event

Jacob Bazeley
Jacob Bazeley (Cincinnati, OH)

Jacob Bazeley and Eric Afriat see a flop of Jh8h4s.

Afriat bets 300k
Bazeley raises to 1.3 million
Afriat makes it 2.8 million
Bazeley moves all in for 6.1 million total and Afriat snap calls.

Afriat: Js8s (two pairs)
Bazeley: AsAc (over pair)


River: Qd

Bazeley busts with pocket Aces as Afriat flops the winning two pairs.

“Brutal, what are you going to do,” says Bazeley who earns $371,931.

Bazeley says he didn’t have enough chips to get away from the hand (~30 bb) and the result was unavoidable.

“It’s a draw heavy board when you get raised there. He doesn’t necessarily have a set or two pairs. It’s an unavoidable spot and 99.9% of pros go broke there.”

Bazeley is 31-years-old and adds to his $1.3 million in career recorded live tournament earnings. He has a business degree from Christian Brothers University where he played Division II basketball.

“Fourth place pays pretty well in this profession.” he said. “I love it here and definitely will be back,” he says of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.