Championship: Adam Levy Eliminated in 7th Place ($126,305)

$5,250 SHRPO Championship
$3 Million Guaranteed | Payouts | Live Stream
Level 27: 40,000/80,000 with a 10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 6 of 887

Hand #80: Aaron Mermelstein raised to 175,000 from under the gun, Michael Aron three-bet to 475,000 from the button, and Adam Levy four-bet shoved from the small blind for roughly 2,650,000. Mermelstein folded, and Aron called.

Aron: KdKh
Levy: QdQh

The board came down KcJd7d6dJh, giving Aron kings full of jacks to eliminate Levy in sixth place, while also seizing the chip lead.

Michael Aron – 5,830,000 (73 bb)
Adam Levy – Eliminated in 7th Place  ($126,305)