Championship: Cunix Gets His Double

$5,300 Championship NLH $10 Million Guaranteed (Re-Entry)
Level 32: Blinds 60k/120k/20k ante

Dan Colman opened to 275,000 from the cutoff and Shawn Cunix called on the button to the 6h4h4c flop. Colman check/called a 250,000 bet before Cunix the 7c turn.

Colman checked/called 500,000 from Cunix this time and check again after the 3s river. Cunix shoved for 2,330,000 and Colman quickly called. Cunix confidently table 7h7d which was far superior to Colman’s Ks6d. Cunix doubles up and Colman drops back a bit.

Players are off on their first break of the day.

Mike Leah – 13,745,000
Dan Colman – 8,330,000
Shawn Cunix – 7,010,000
Joe Kuether – 5,850,000
Martin Hanowski – 5,245,000
John Dolan – 4,720,000