Championship: Dan Colman Flushes Eric Beller

$3,500 WPT Showdown Championship
Level 27: 25,000/50,000 with a 5,000 ante
Players Remaining: 11 of 1,207

With over 2,000,000 in the pot on the river with a completed board of QcTh8c2cQs, Dan Colman bet 1,230,000 out of the small blind.

Eric Beller was in the big blind and thought for a minute before calling. Colman showed Ac6c and Beller mucked his hand.

“He’s a poker wizard,” said another player at the table. “He just thinks really hard about what cards he wants to come and they come.”

Dan Colman – 6,050,000 (121 bb)
Eric Beller – 4,530,000 (91 bb)