Championship Day 1A: Kenneth McKeown Knocks out a Player

$3,500 WPT RRPO Championship
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 6:  400/800 with an 800 ante
Day 1A Entries:  582

Kenneth McKeown
Kenneth McKeown

The UTG+1 player got it all in UTG+1 for 12,500 with As3s, and he needed his hand to hold to stay alive against the 10d7d of Kenneth McKeown in late position.

The flop came Ad3d2h, and the short stack flopped two pair to McKeown’s diamond flush draw.

The turn card was the 8c, the river card was the 2d, and McKeown rivered a diamond flush to win the pot and eliminate his opponent.

Kenneth McKeown  –  64,000  (80 bb)

The tournament clock shows 582 entries so far, which means the prizepool is already up over $1.86 million on its way to the $2 million guarantee. Registration remains open with unlimited re-entries until the start of Level 9, around 9:15 pm.

There will be a 90-minute dinner break after this level (about 5:30 pm), and action will continue tonight until the end of Level 10 (around 11:15 pm).