Championship Day 1A: Zyad Qasem vs. Frank Stepuchin

$5,300 SHRPO Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 8:  600/1,200 with a 1,200 ante
Day 1A Entries:  530

Zyad Qasem

Zyad Qasem raised to 3,500 from the small blind preflop, and Frank Stepuchin called on the big blind. The flop was dealt 7d3d3s, Qasem bet, Stepuchin raised to 5,500, and Qasem reraised to 15,000. Stepuchin tanked before reraising to 30,000, and Qasem called after tanking as well.

The turn fell Ks, Stepuchin bet 25,000, and Qasem check-raised all in for more than enough to put Stepuchin all in. He tanked again on the decision for his tournament life and folded his cards. Stepuchin was down to 63,000 after the hand, and Qasem was at 205,000.

Zyad Qasem – 205,000 (170 bb)
Frank Stepuchin – 63,000 (52 bb)