Championship Day 1B: Gal Yifrach Doubles Up

$3,500 WPT Poker Showdown Championship
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 9: 1,000/1,500 with a 1,500 ante
Day 1B Entries: 1,259

The player in the cutoff raised and Gal Yifrach called from the big blind.

The flop was Kd8s2s and after a series of bets and raises, the cutoff was all in for about 40,000 with Kh10s against Yifrach’s 8d2d.

The Ad turn and 6c river completed the board, safe for Yifrach to score the elimination.

Gal Yifrach – 105,000 (70 bb)