Championship Day 1B: Harvey Castro Knocks One Out

$3,500 LHPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 7:  500/1,000 with a 1,000 ante
Day 1B Entries:  533

Harvey Castro

The small blind was all in preflop for 23,000 with pocket aces, and Harvey Castro had him covered holding AhKs UTG+1.

The final board read Qh4s2h7h3h, and Castro won the hand to stack up 111,500 after collecting the pot.

The small blind took the loss a little rough as he asked the dealer to hold the cards so he could a picture of them to, “emotionally deal with it later.” It didn’t take long for that to happen though as he flipped a chair over at another empty table as he walked out of the room a few seconds later.

Harvey Castro – 111,500 (111 bb)