Championship Day 1B: Will Failla Flops “The Most Commonly Flopped Set” to Crack Aces and Double Up

$3,500 WPT RRPO Championship
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 6:  400/800 with an 800 ante
Day 1B Entries:  676

Will Failla
Will Failla

A player raised from middle position to 1,800, and Will Failla moved all in from the button for 19,100. The player in the small blind called, and the original raiser folded.

Failla turned over 9d9c, but he needed to improve to stay alive against the small blind’s AsAc.

Before the dealer put out the flop, Andy Frankenberger said, “Nines are the most commonly flopped set.”

Sure enough, the dealer put out a board of 9s8d4h2dKc, and Failla flopped a set of nines to win the pot and double up in chips.

After the hand, Frankenberger explained his theory, which centered on the fact that pocket nines were the most likely pocket pair to see a flop, since higher pairs were more likely to reraise and win preflop, while lower pairs were more likely to fold preflop.

Failla interrupted Frankenberger to say, “Just put it in the blog that I f***ing trapped him.”

Will Failla  –  41,600  (52 bb)

The tournament clock shows 676 entries so far on Day 1B, for a tournament total of 1,340. The total prizepool is up over $4.28 million, more than doubling the $2 million guarantee. Registration remains open with unlimited re-entries until the start of Level 9, around 9:15 pm.

There will be a 90-minute dinner break after this level (about 5:30 pm), and action will continue tonight until the end of Level 10 (around 11:15 pm).