Championship Day 3: Heimiller Hits River Jack Again

$3,500 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship
Level 26: 20,000/40,000/5,000 Ante

Dan Heimiller moved all in from the button for 355,000 and was called by Shawn Nguyen out of the small blind. The big blind folded and Heimiller turned over Jc4h and proclaimed “at least I have live cards” when he saw Nguyen’s KdTc.

The flop came Qh8h2c to keep Nguyen in the lead. The turn was the 8d and Heimiller stood up, ready to depart. The river though was the Jh.

“Doh,” smiled Heimiller. “Jack on the end. That’s twice.”

Heimiller is still short with approximately 750,000 but he’s also still in so there’s something to be said for that.