Championship: Fabian Gumz vs. Stephen Kehoe in Long Money Bubble Hand

$3,500 LHPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 16:  4,000/8,000 with a 8,000 ante
Players Remaining:  150 of 1,188

Fabian Gumz

Luke Brereton opened the pot with a raise to 16,000 from middle position, and Fabian Gumz reraised to 57,000 right behind him in late position. Stephen Kehoe then reraised to 115,000 from the small blind, and Brereton folded before Gumz reraised to 175,000.

Kehoe then tanked before calling, and the flop brought 5d3s2s. Gumz bet 44,000, and Kehoe tanked before check-calling.

The turn fell 3h, Gumz bet 58,000, and Kehoe tanked again before check-calling once more. The river delivered the 7h, Gumz moved all in, and Kehoe went into the tank for a few minutes.

The hand had caught the attention of the entire room as the last game in town still going at that point, with hand-for-hand play waiting on its conclusion for play to proceed. Kehoe eventually check-folded to take his stack down to less than 200,000, and Gumz was up close to a million after collecting the pot.

Fabian Gumz – 980,000 (122 bb)
Stephen Kehoe – 170,000 (21 bb)

Stephen Kehoe