Championship Flight B: Michael Mizrachi’s Kings Get Cracked

$3,500 Seminole Hard Rock RRPO Championship 
Level 7: 250/500 with a 75 ante
Players Remaining: 270 of 421

On a flop of QcJs2s, the player in the hijack got all in for 16,525 against Michael Mizrachi from early position.

“You got a set?” asked Mizrachi, showing KsKc.

The hijack showed AsQs, good for top pair and a flush, and had a lot of outs against Mizrachi.

The turn was the 8s which gave the hijack the nut flush and left Mizrachi drawing dead to the 9s river. The hijack doubled up through the two-time WPT champion and three-time bracelet winner.

Michael Mizrachi – 24,000