Championship: Joe McKeehen Flops a Set, Sends One Home

$3,500 WPT Showdown Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 16: 2,000/4,000 with 500 ante
Players Remaining: 205 of 1,309

Joe McKeehen

On a flop of QhTs5h, the player in the big blind checked and the player under the gun bet 25,000. Joe McKeehen is on his direct left in early postion and raised to 67,000.

The cutoff and the big blind both fold. Under the gun called. The turn was the Jc and under the gun checked. McKeehen went all in for about 140,000. Under the gun thought for a few moments and then called.

McKeehen tabled TcTd and was up against his opponent’s AcQs.

Only a king on the river would cost McKeehen the pot and the 6h on the river sent it his way. The stacks were close and after the dealer broke down both stacks, she verified that McKeehen held the bigger stack and under the gun was eliminated.

Joe McKeehen – 380,000