Championship: Milen Stefanov Wins WPT RRPO Championship ($545,070); Fabian Gumz Eliminated in 2nd Place ($353,380

$3,500 WPT RRPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Payouts | Live Stream
Level 38:  400,000/800,000 with an 800,000 ante
Players Remaining:  1 of 988

Milen Stefanov
Milen Stefanov

Milen Stefanov raised all in from the button with a covering stack and Fabian Gumz called all in for 7,500,000 from the big blind.

Stefanov: Ad2h
Gumz: Qd8c

The flop came down Ac5hJd, giving Stefanov a commanding lead  with a pair of aces to win the championship.

The turn, however, was the Qc, giving Gumz a few outs to survive.

The river was the 10d, no help to Gumz, ending his tournament with a runner-up showing for $353,380.

Milen Stefanov wins the $3,500 WPT RRPO Championship for $545,070, which includes a seat into the season-ending WPT Tournament of Champions.

Fabian Gumz
Fabian Gumz