Championship: Naing Thu Eliminated in 23rd Place by Mitchell Smith

$3,500 WPT RRPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | StructurePayouts
Level 24:  15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 ante
Players Remaining:  22 of 988

Naing Thu
Naing Thu

Naing Thu got it all in preflop for 250,000 with AsKh, and he needed to improve to stay alive against Mitchell Smith’s 8h8c.

The board came 9d4c2h8s9c, and Smith turned a set of eights and rivered a full house to win the pot and eliminate Thu in 23rd place.

Mitchell Smith  –  1,950,000  (65 bb)
Naing Thu  –  Eliminated in 23rd Place  ($19,200)

With 22 players remaining, the average chip stack is about 1,795,000 (60 big blinds), and the remaining players are all guaranteed at least $19,200 each.

Mitchell Smith
Mitchell Smith