CSOP: End of the Road (for now)

$300 CSOP Big Stack Turbo NLH (Re-Entry)
Level 7: 250/500/ 50 ante

On a board showing J 10 2 8 6 we see Jared Jaffee scooping in a big pot with 7d7c, calling the all-in of both Matt Affleck and Nate Morris (from Boyz II Men), who missed the board with A 3. Both Affleck and Morris are knocked out of the event.

Morris says “I can’t believe you called that, you’re not supposed to call that” to Jaffee. Jaffee fires back “Hey, it’s for charity..it’s all about the charity”. Morris graciously says “Nice hand” and says that he will rebuy into the tournament at least one more time.

90 entries so far in today’s charity event.