CSOP/Jeff Conine: Aron Dermer Wins! ($5,000); Jason Southwell Finishes as Runner-Up ($2,000)

$300 CSOP/Jeff Conine Celebrity Event (Re-Entry)
Structure | Prizes
Level 25: 50,000/100,000 with a 15,000 ante
Entries: 307

It took just two hands of heads-up play to decide a winner, and they both culminated in fireworks. Aron Dermer (pictured above) doubled into the lead with ace-king on the first, then put Jason Southwell at risk in the dark a moment later.

Dermer: As8c
Southwell: Qs4h

The QcJc2c flop gave Southwell the lead with top pair. Dermer suddenly had a flush draw, though, and he filled it promptly as the 5c landed on the turn. The two men were already shaking hands as the meaningless 4c filled out the board on the river.

Dermer won the pot and the tournament with his flush, collecting $5,000 in cash and a $5,250 SHRPO Championship seat. More about him and his victory will be published shortly.

Southwell (below) finished as the runner-up, collecting $2,000 in cash, a Hard Rock Punta Cana Package, and $1,000 in travel money to get there.