Escalator $350: Bobby Leff – 8th Place ($11,013)

2018 Escalator Series (Week 3)
$350 Buy-In, $300,000 Guaranteed
Level 30: 50,000/100,000 with a 15,000 ante
Players Remaining: 7 of 1,435 | Structure | Payouts

Bobby Leff

Idris Ambraisse raised to 300,000 and Bobby Leff shoved. Ambraisse asked for a count and called when it came back 1,040,000.

Leff: KcKd
Ambraisse: AsJc

Runout: Ac8c7d5d2s

Ambraisse improved to a pair of aces and carded an unlikely win in the hand. Leff was left bust in eighth place while Ambraisse moved into the chip lead.

Idris Ambraisse – 5,010,000 (50 bb)
Bobby Leff – Eliminated in 8th place ($11,013)