Event 1 Day 1A: Jennifer Parker Triples Up

$360 Ultimate Re-Entry No Limit Hold’em
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 10: 600/1,200 with a 200 ante
Flight A Players: 318

Jennifer Parker

Jennifer Parker opened to 2,500 from early position and a late position player moved all in for 14,800. Former SHRP Player of the Year Ory Hen called on the button and Parker shrug/called all in for less.

Parker: AcKc
Late Position: 7c7d
Hen: AdQh

It wasn’t a flip with Hen’s ace out of the deck and Parker missed the Tc6c2h flop. The Kh turn was good for her and she needed to dodge the two remaining sevens or the four jacks in the deck to triple up. Hen called for the jack but the 2d was safe for Parker to push her up to ~45,000.

Parker earned her biggest tournament cash in a similar tournament in 2016 when she final tabled and finished sixth in the $360 opening event during the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open.