Event 1 (Day 1C): The Ups and Downs of Ory Hen

$350 Deep-Stack No-Limit Hold’em with re-entries ($150,000 Guaranteed)
Level 14: Blinds 2,500/5,000, Ante 500
Players Remaining: 46/342
Average Stack – (~223,000 – 44 bb)

Shortly after losing 180,000 to TJ Shulman, Ory Hen got most of his stack into the pot.

The action started with Angelo Miele limping in from the hijack. The player in the cutoff raised to 20,000, the player on the button called, and Ory Hen three-bet shoved from the small blind for about 180,000. Miele folded, the cutoff called all in for about 125,000, and the button folded.

Cutoff: 7h7s
Hen: Ks10s

The board ran out Qc10d4d9h3h, giving Hen a pair of tens to score the elimination and get his stack back up to about 375,000.