Event 1 Day 1D: Building Towards the Guarantee

$360 Ultimate Re-Entry No Limit Hold’em
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 1: 25/50

The fourth flight of the Ultimate Re-Entry event is set to roll out at 5pm and they will continue to push the entry count closer to the $500,000 Guarantee. With the big numbers so far, it’s likely it will reach that magic number sometime tomorrow.

Players can still enter Flight C until 5:45pm but some might prefer to start at the beginning and build. That means they can hop in Flight D with a fresh stack and brand new clock. They can also enter tonight if they advance to Day 2 in the early flight, thanks to the Ultimate Re-Entry format.

Any player who makes Day 2 with multiple stacks will play their biggest while receiving a $2,500 Multi-stack award for their smaller stacks. They will also be in the money before playing a single hand on Day 2 as each flight plays down to the money each time.

Players sit down to 15,000 starting stacks and play 30-minute levels throughout the day. Late registration and re-entries are available until the start of Level 13 at 11:45pm and they will continue to play until only 10% of the field remains, rounding down. The survivors will have their chips inventoried for a Day 2 return on Sunday.

Dealers are setting up their tables and Flight D will launch at 5pm sharp.

  • $500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Players begin with 15,000 in chips and 30-minute levels
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 13
  • 10% of each flight’s field, rounded down, will advance to Day 2
  • All Day 2 players will be in the money
  • Players surviving more than one Day 1 flight will receive a $2,500 cash payout for each lesser multiple chip stack
  • Ultimate Re-Entry Structure Sheet