Event 1 Day 1E: Hitting the Turn

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Our dreadlocked friend Zach “Redlocks” Kessler is back and he’s still having fun on his second entry into Day 1E. You could hear the commotion of a big hand from the other side of the room and we got there in time to see a big three-way hand.

The three players were all-in and the dealer was making sure the pot was perfect before finishing the hand. The board read Kc Jh 2c with the 2-seat holding Tc 9c against Kessler’s Ac Qc and 9-seat’s As Kh. Big Slick was ahead in the hand with top pair top kicker and looking to dodge the draws. The 2-seat had the biggest stack at the start of the hand but was drawing thin with his dead flush draw.

Once the pot was corrected, the drama didn’t last long as Kessler hit the 4c on the turn to leave the other two players drawing dead for the big pot.

While that hand was going down, the tournament rolled over into Level 7 with blinds at 250/500/50 ante and less than 100 players remaining.

Making sure the pot is correct
Making sure the pot is correct
Kessler stacking chips