Event 1 Day 1E: Moving On Up

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Players are still gambling it up even with the re-entry period closed. The average chip stack is still over 50 big blinds but they are finding spots to take a shot.

The 6-seat on Table 33 opened the action from middle position and was forced to make a decision when the 8-seat put in a third bet to 2,000. With a shrug of his shoulders he responded by putting in his final 14,100 and was instantly called. The shove was made with 6h 5h and the 8-seat happily showed Kc Kh. The joy was short lived as the dealer pealed off Th 6c 6d on the flop.

Nothing but blanks on the turn and river to leave the 8-seat shaking his head but is still alive while the 6-seat hit his double.

The tournament clock shows 135 remaining and they are into Level 6 with blinds at 200/400/50 ante.

In the land of iPads, the book is king
In the land of iPads, the book is king