Event 1 Day 1F: Sometimes It’s Just Not Your Day

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 600/1.2K Ante 200

Sitting in Seat 1 was what looked like your prototypical Internet poker player. He didn’t talk much. Didn’t move his eyes. They were focused on the player across the table from him in Seat 4. His eyebrows raised ever so slightly from underneath the Oakley shades. He had opened the action for 2.5K and Seat 4 had the audacity to raise him to 6K. You could see it in the kid’s face. The nerve of that guy to raise him. Did he not know how good he was?

Shuffling chips in his left hand, he peeked at his cards. Nope, they hadn’t changed since the last time he looked at them.

“Raise,” he said, pulling back his initial 2.5K and placing three 5K chips for a total bet of 15K. Seat 4 only had about 30K in front of him and said “All In” before the 15K had even hit the center of the table. With almost 50K in the pot, there wasn’t much the kid could do but call. He had thought he could push his opponent out of the pot with his aggression. He was wrong. A shrug. “I call,” he said, almost smirking as he turned over 7C4C. Seat 4 stood up, proud of his hand… KHKD.

The flop made Seat 4 even prouder. KC8H3D. The kid started counting down his stack to see how much he would be left after forking out 30K to Seat 4. It looked to be about 35K. Still alive. Seat 4 had visions of grandeur in his head. 60K in chips, making it to Sunday, and taking home a big pay day. The turn didn’t change much other than giving a sliver of hope to Seat 1. It was the 5S.

A slight twinkle came into the kids eyes as the dealer started to flip the river card over. The twinkle turned to bright eyes. It was the miracle he needed to win the pot… the 6H to give him a straight. Seat 4 sat there, his hands covering chips that were no longer his. He looked again at the board, not wanting to believe what had just happened. In poker, sometimes it’s just not your day. It certainly wasn’t Seat 4’s.

There’s always tomorrow.

There are 56 players remaining with five minutes left in Level 11.