Event 1 Day 1G: Boats and Quads

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Jim Sullivan stuck around on Table 41 just before the first break and knocked out two players before the second. Three players were all in on the flop with Sullivan holding a set of Fives against a King-high flush draw and top pair. The 8-seat turned his flush but the river paired the board for the double knock and move his stack over 42,000.

Table 36 showed down a hand where the chips were going in the middle regardless of the river. The 7-seat snap called all-in and aggressively tabled his Jd Jc on a board which read Kd Kc Js Ks 5c for the flopped full house but handled it well when the 5-seat rolled over Kh 6h to show the turned one outter for quad Kings.

Players are into Level 7 with blinds at 250/500/50 ante and 198 remaining in the field.

Jim Sullivan hits the river
Jim Sullivan hits the river