Event 1 Day 1G: Hit and Run

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

He would only give his first name, not really sure whether he was truthful, and Andy just had the shortest tournament run possible. Walking the tournament floor during the first level is equal parts checking for hands, looking for notable players, and watching players check-in to their table.

Andy was one of those guys handing over his seat tournament slip and photo I.D. at a chatty table when he got all our attention by putting his 10,000 immediately in the middle on his first hand. It drew mostly chuckles from the players but there were a few disconcerted folks as well.

“I guess I have to call,” said the player in the cutoff. He rolled over As Kd after the rest folded and was up against the powerhouse 9c 4h. “What the (expletive),” was the general consensus from the rest of the table. Andy just shrugged and stood back up after his small hand rightly lost.

“I’m playing cash downstairs and won a big pot,” he explained before heading back downstairs, “I won a big pot and a friend dared me to register and play every hand. I get a rebate for busting on the first hand.”

The other player will appreciate the extra money in the prizepool.

Players are into Level 2 of the day with the tournament clock showing 207 players registered. Day 1G is going to take a shot at topping the biggest Day 1 field of 300 entrants.