Event 1 Day 2: Beating Kings

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Finding yourself all-in with Ace-Queen versus Kings is generally a losing proposition. When the hand does win it’s usually popping an Ace or some miracle straight but Ed Vasoncelos found an interesting way to get there this afternoon.

Vasoncelos was all-in with AsQd versus Michael Belkin with the pocket Kings when the flop came out 3h 3c 3s leaving Vasoncelos looking for one of three Aces or the case 3. It was the 3d which came next to turn Belkin’s big pair into merely a King kicker.

The double-up moved Vasoncelos to 140,000 midway through the first level of the day.

Quads with Ace kicker
Quads with Ace kicker