Event 1 Day 2: Cards Speak

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Table 37 is seeing a lot of action with Juliet Yarina using her stack to bully a newly seated opponent but also an interesting hand with Lou White with a mis-read hand.

White was facing a raise on a JsJd Ts Td board and ended up just calling to see the 9s on the river. White and his opponent checked the river and White said he had a straight and tabled 9c 7c and was actually playing the board. His opponent showed a Ten for the baby boat which would have been best in any case. “I swore I had 8c 7c,” said White after the hand.

The field is into double digits with just 10 tables remaining as they are about to head off on their second break of the day after coloring off the 100 chips.

Juliet Yarina building a castle
Juliet Yarina building a castle