Event 1 Day 2: Queens Rule

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Luck and poker go hand in hand sometimes no matter the math. Vicki Holmes as all-in with two other players and needing a lot of help with Ah Qd up against Ad Kc and another player taking one of her outs with Qs Js. The board ran out nice and low for Big Slick until the river popped a two-out Qh to more than double her stack and knocking out a tough opponent.

Unfortunately Holmes gave back half of those chips while still stacking the previous hand by calling down against her new opponent’s straight but she is still alive for the big payouts.

The tournament area is emptying at a steady pace with Garren James and Nicholas Mahabee among the most recent bustouts. Only 89 players remain mid-way through Level 20.

Vicki Holmes and the temporary chips
Vicki Holmes and the temporary chips