Event 1 Flight A: Two Players Knocked Out on the Money Bubble; Tom Macey Eliminated by Julian Wohlgemuth as Jorge Gomez Knocks Out Another Player

$400 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 16:  3,000/5,000 with a 5,000 ante
Flight A Players Remaining:  70 of 565

Julian Wohlgemuth
Julian Wohlgemuth

The first flight of Event 1 got down to 72 players, and it was time to start the Money Bubble with only 71 players advancing.

But there was action pending on other tables, and one of them reached a preflop all-in situation between KsKd and 3s3d. The short stack held the kings and was looking for an easy double-up, but the dealer kept things interesting.

The board came 8s3c2dKh5d, giving the big stack a flopped set of threes, but the short stack turned a set of kings to stay alive.

The field began hand-for-hand play on the Money Bubble, and during the second hand, two tables developed similar all-in situations, with one player all in against two other players who reached showdown on the river. They waited until all the other tables completed their action before revealing their cards.

At Table #7, the board showed Kd8c3d7h8h, and the players turned over their cards:

Julian Wohlgemuth:  Ah9c  (ace high, nine kicker)
Big Blind:  Ac2s  (ace high, seven kicker)
Tom Macey:  As6s  (ace high, seven kicker)

Wohlgemuth won the entire pot because his kicker played above the seven on the board, eliminating Tom Macey on the Money Bubble.

Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez

At Table #14, the final board showed 10h7h5cJdQd with the big blind as the only all-in player, and the three players turned over their cards:

Jorge Gomez:  8s8c  (pair of eights)
Small Blind:  [Ad5d]  (ace high)
Big Blind:  Ac7d  (pair of sevens)

Gomez won the pot with his pair of eights to eliminate the player in the big blind on the Money Bubble.

Unfortunately for both players, you must bag chips and advance to Day 2 to finish in the money, so they don’t get to chop a prize spot the way they would in a standard tournament.

The remaining 70 players have bagged up their chips for Day 2, which begins Sunday at 1:00 pm. Their official chip counts will be posted this evening, and Flight 1B is underway with registration open until 10:30 pm.