Event 1 Flight B: Joseph Jacob and Shawn Lucas Lead with More Than 200K

$400 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 13:  1,500/2,500 with a 2,500 ante
Flight B Players Remaining:  115 of 473

Joseph Jacob
Chipleader Joseph Jacob

A scan of the field shows only two players above 200K in chips — Joseph Jacob and Shawn Lucas.

1.  Joseph Jacob  –  212,000  (85 bb)
2.  Shawn Lucas  –  205,000  (82 bb)

With about 115 players remaining, the average chip stack is about 82,500 (33 big blinds).

The field is playing down to the final 48 players. Everyone who bags up chips tonight will finish in the money and advance to Day 2, which begins Sunday at 1:00 pm.

Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas