Event 1: Flip the Script Again

$350 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack (Re-Entry)
Level 41: 800,000/1,600,000 with a 200,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2 of 2,692
Average Stack: 26,920,000 (22 big blinds)

Vitor Coelho announced all-in from the button and James Salmon sat back to think it through. He had less than 18 million behind and shrug/called with Kh9c. Salmon’s cards were live against Coelho’s As4c and added a gutshot draw on the QdJs7d flop.

He called out his tournament-saving outs, missed the 4d turn, but hit the Th river for the straight. It took Coelho a second to realize he didn’t lock up the title, instead he shipped the big double over to Salmon.

James Salmon – 36,600,000 (23 bb)
Vitor Coelho – 17,200,000 (11 bb)