Event 1: Michael Tufaro Eliminated in 8th ($18,131)

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 33: 100k/200k/30k

Michael Tufaro eventually showed up and last two hands before getting his chips in the middle.

“I thought it started at 3pm!”, was his explantion.

Raminder Singh opened for 425,000 and Tufaro came over the top for his final 1.1 million. Suied asked how much Singh was playing behind and shipped in to isolate. Singh folded and they tabled their cards.

Suied: TdTc
Tufaro: 8c5h

Suied was dominating but had a small sweat after the JcJd8h flop. The turn and river were a harmless Ad3d and Tufaro was the first out today, picking up $18,131 for 8th place.

Michael Tufaro, 8th place
Michael Tufaro, 8th place