Event 1: Never Break This Table

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 12: 800/1600/200 Ante

Table 50 is the gift that keeps on giving.  After hearing the dealer calling out “7 Players”, nearly the entire table faced a flop of 6d3sJd.  Not surprisingly, Paul Prager decided to fire out a bet of 9k on the flop and was called by the table’s newest partner-in-crime, Rod Rodrigue.

The turn was the Js.  Prager bet out again and Rodrigue proclaimed it was a bad card and Prager asked him what a good card would be.  Someone at the table called out “A three!” and laughter broke out.

It was then revealed after the hand that Rodrigue is sporting a secret weapon.  A small black skull with red eyes was sitting on top of his chips.  Rodrigue pulled a card out of his wallet showing it was made of a somewhat difficult to find substance called nuummite which apparently is highly sought out in the “metaphysical community” for various meditative and energy qualities.

It seems to working and just added more character to the most entertaining table of the evening.